Parashat B’shalah Quiz

Provided by the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, exploring Torah through the original sources.


1. What was the difference between Moses taking Joseph’s bones to Israel and Joseph taking Jacob’s?

2. How did the Israelites know the way to travel?

3. Through whose land did God not lead the Israelites and why?

4. Pharaoh had finally let the Israelites go; in fact, he pushed them out. When he learned that they might be lost in the wilderness, what caused him to go after them?

5. An angel of God made sure that the Egyptians would not catch up to the Israelites. What did the angel do?

6. According to the parashah, what made the sea part so as to make a dry path?

7. What had been the attitude of the Israelites when they saw the Egyptian soldiers moving in on them, and how did it change after they saw the Egyptians drowned?

8. What do we find strange about these attitudes? What does it say about us as human beings?

9. After the Israelites left the sea and went into the wilderness, they quickly encountered a problem. What was it and how was it resolved?

10. At this point, God made a statute and an ordinance. What did He say to us?

11. On the 45th day after leaving Egypt, the Israelites were murmuring against Moses and Aaron. What was their problem this time and how was it resolved?

12. Each day the Israelites were to gather how much manna, and eat it by when? What happened if they gathered too much or too little?

13. How much is an omer?

14. When the Israelites went into the wilderness of Sin, they once again ran short of water. What did God tell Moses to do to produce the water and what did Moses do?


1. Joseph took Jacob’s bones after 30 days of mourning; Moses took Joseph’s bones after several hundred years (13:19).

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