Practices and Traditions

The Sabbatical Year

The biblical shemitah represents an alternative to consumer society.

Bal Tashchit

The Torah prohibits wasteful destruction.

Stewardship of the Earth

As humans and Jews we have a responsibility to take care of the earth.

Guests in God's World

A talmudic metaphor with implications for global environmental sustainability.

Nature & the Environment 101

To whom does the earth really belong? For whose benefit does it exist?

Modern Insights

Eco-conscious Jewish Life

A Jewish spiritual approach.


What does it mean to eat in a Jewish way?

Taking Root in the Jewish CSA Movement

Kosher, local and yummy.


Diminishing biodiversity diminishes God's glory.

Video: Going Green

A hilarious how-to with Todd & God.


Genetic Engineering

We are partners in creation, but with limits.

What is our Responsibility to Other Creatures?

A Jewish perspective on animal suffering and conservation.

Green Jews

Jews need to put environmental issues higher on their agenda.


Turning and returning.

Creation Story

A complex relationship between human beings and the natural world.