Kosher Fish List

A guide to choosing a kosher fish.


Please note: This list should only be used as a general guide. A kosher and a non-kosher fish may have the same name. To be sure that your fish is kosher, check for
fins and scales (scales must be removable either by hand or with a knife without ripping the underlying skin).

Albacore See Mackerels

Alewife See Herrings

Amberjack See Jacks

Anchovies Includes European anchovy and Northern anchovy

and butterfly fish

salmonBallyhoo See: Flyingfish


Atlantic Pomfret or Ray’s Bream

Bass See Sea Basses, Drums, Sunfish, and Temperate basses.

Bigeyes Includes aweoweos

Blackfish See Carps and Wrasses

Blacksmith See Damselfish

Blueback See Herrings and Trouts

Bluefish or snapper blue

Bluegill See Sunfish

Bocaccio See Scorpionfish

Bombay duck


Bonito See Cobia and Mackerels

Bowfin Includes bowfish, freshwater dogfish, and grindle

Bream See Atlantic Pomfret and Carps

Brill See Flounder

Buffalo Fishes See Suckers

Butterfish Includes Pacific pompano and harvestfish

Butterfly fish See Angelfish

Cabrilla See Sea Basses

Calicobass See Sunfish

Capelin See Smelts

Carps and minnows

Crucian carp
Freshwater breams
Leather carp
Mirror carp
Sacramento blackfish or hardhead

Caviar Must be from a kosher fish

Cero See Mackerels

Channel bass See Drums

Char See Trouts

Chilipepper See Scorpionfish

Chinook salmons See Trouts

Cichlids Includes cichlios, Mozambique mouthbrooder, Rio Grande perch, tilapias

Cigarfish See Jacks

Cisco See Trouts

Coalfish See Codfish

Cobia, cabio, or black bonito Includes cultus cod and ling.  See Greenlings


Blue whiting or poutassou
Pacific cod
Pollock, saithe, or coalfish
Tomcods or frostfish
Walleye pollock

Coho salmon See Trouts

Corbina or Corvina, See Drums

Cottonwick See Grunts

Crappie See Sunfish

Crevalle See Jacks

Croacker See Drums

Crucian carp See Carps

Cubbyu See Drums

Cunner See Wrasses

Dab See Flounders

Damselfish Includes blacksmith and garibaldi

Doctorfish See Surgeonfish

Dolly Varden See Trouts

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