Religious Music

Synagogue & Religious Music

An overview of various forms of synagogue and religious music.

Synagogue Music

The music of the synagogue celebrates both the diversity and unity of the Jewish people.

The Nigun

A mystical musical prayer introduced by Hasidism.

Appreciating Cantorial Music

Learning to appreciate hazzanut.


Traditional musical motifs, called nusah, give each service of Jewish prayer a distinct sound.

Israeli Music

Folk Music

The music and lyrics expressed the dreams of a new nation.


Israeli music has a rich history reaching back before the founding of the State.

Popular Music

A unique sound emanating from a unique place


The colorful history of the Israeli national anthem.

Ethiopian-Israeli Pop Music

Ethiopian-inspired music has hit the big time in Israel.


Shlomo Carlebach

Hasidic rabbi Shlomo Carlebach composed and popularized catchy melodies for short liturgical texts.

Debbie Friedman

A Jewish musical phenomenon

Naomi Shemer

This Israeli songwriter is famous for lyrics of such songs as "Jerusalem of Gold" and "Lu Yehi".

Ofra Haza

This Yemenite singer has played a prominent role on the Israeli and International music scene.

Chava Alberstein

This legendary Israeli singer has created an unparalleled and multilingual body of music.

Secular Music


Klezmer music finds new life in America in the late 1900s.

Rock Music

The Jewish contribution to the development of rock music.

Bob Dylan

Dylan's Jewish influences are never far from the surface.

Leonard Bernstein

The American composer, conductor, teacher, and pianist infused his work with his Jewish heritage.

Hip Hop Hoodios

A Latino Jewish urban collective.