Divorce 101

Brush up on the basics of Jewish divorce.

Get (Bill of Divorce)

The bill of divorce that a husband gives to his wife to release her from their marriage.

Exorcising the Get

The author created a ritual to exorcise the pain of passively accepting her get.

Halitzah Ceremony

The ritual that releases a childless widow from levirate marriage.

Writing & Delivering a Get

A complicated process requiring experts in Jewish divorce law.

How to Get a Jewish Divorce (Video)

An overview produced by our friends at G-dcast.com.

Contemporary Issues

Contemporary Issues

Power dynamics and the agunah issue are the biggest struggles in Jewish divorce today.


Divorce is meant to take care of the wife. But sometimes a husband will manipulate the system.

Civil Divorce

The liberal movements hold that a civil divorce is enough. But does it meet people's spiritual needs?

Women Initiating Divorce

Under certain circumstances a woman may request that a Jewish court compel her husband to perform the acts required for a Jewish divorce.


Tension between traditional Jewish practices and secular values.



On the history and development of Jewish divorce proceedings.


Biblical divorce law set limits on a man's absolute power to divorce.


The rabbis increased the wife's power in marriage, yet maintained the husband's right to grant a divorce.

Egalitarian Divorce

Reconstructionism offers a woman-initiated get and a mutual get.

Divorce Is a Mitzvah

This book by Perry Netter is a practical guide to Jewish divorce, and how to best move forward.

Personal Perspectives

Whirling Together out of the Darkness

A young American mother in Israel divorces her husband but decides the kibbutz is the best place for her kids.

Weekends Apart, Closer Together

The Havdalah ceremony takes on new meaning for parents with joint custody.

After the Divorce

A new mom finds love, a new husband, and a stepdad for her kids.

(Too) Frequently-Asked Questions About Separation

A divorced mom answers the questions she wishes people would stop asking her.

A Mock Jewish Divorce

Likely the first mock divorce in Jewish summer camp history.