Creationism & Evolution in Jewish Thought

The scientific theory of evolution seems to contradict the biblical account of Creation.  While the Bible claims that God created the world in six days, culminating with the creation of humanity, the theory of evolution asserts that humanity evolved over billions of years. How do Jews approach this contradiction? Like any seeming contradiction between science and Jewish tradition, there are several options.

Is It a Contradiction?

Some Jews, including many of the ultra-Orthodox, reject evolutionary theory. They see the Bible as embodying eternal truths. Thus, some of the ultra-Orthodox are unwilling to reinterpret it in order to reconcile it with a scientific theory that, in their view, evolutionmay be disproved in another hundred years. Some even go so far as to ban Jewish books on evolution.

For example, in 2005, a few prominent ultra-Orthodox rabbis banned Natan Slifkin‘s books on science and the Torah, which seem to support evolutionary theory (Slifkin himself is also Orthodox). Those who ban Slifkin’s books see his arguments as challenging Jewish religious authority and undermining Jewish faith.

Other Jews reject the biblical account of creation because it contradicts evolutionary theory. They see the Bible as an ancient human document that cannot provide a helpful description of the world’s beginnings for a person living in the twentieth century. They look to modern science to explain the origin of the world and reject religious explanations.

For example, Steven Pinker, a prominent evolutionary psychologist and Jewish atheist, rejects religious explanations of the origins of the world. He argues that the theory of natural selection best explains the origins of complex life, and no God could possibly have created a world that has so many faults in its design.

A Variety of Approaches, Even among the Orthodox

Many Jews, however, reject the either/or approach and strive to integrate the biblical account with the findings of modern science. Some Orthodox Jewish scientists read evolutionary theory into the Bible, arguing that the Bible and modern scientific theory describe the same process using different language. Most famously, Gerald Schroeder, an Israeli physicist, uses Einstein’s theory of relativity to explain how God’s six 24-hour days of creation are equivalent to fifteen billion years of scientific evolution.

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