A Jewish wedding canopy.


A chuppah is a wedding canopy used in Jewish weddings. The bride, groom, and whoever is officiating (and sometimes both sets of parents) stand under the chuppah during the wedding ceremony. Usually made of fabric or plants and flowers, a chuppah must be covered on top and open on all sides. Many couples choose to use a tallit (prayer shawl) to make their chuppah, but the chuppah can be made out of any material you wish. The chuppah is attached to four poles, which can be free-standing or held by four people. It is considered a great honor to hold a chuppah pole, so this job is often given to people very close to the couple getting married.

The chuppah symbolizes the new home that the bride and groom will soon be starting together. It is also said to be like the tent of Abraham and Sarah, who were always ready to receive visitors.

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