weekly torah portion

Sibling Rivalry

What can we do in our families to create positive family dynamics?

A Song from Sarah’s Point of View

Stereo Sinai presents a song from Sarah's point of view in the Lecha Lecha episode of G-dcast.

Was Noah Really Righteous

Parashat Noah by G-dcast

A Caretaker’s Prayer

O God, pray heal her!

The Impossible World

How to restore the world to a single divine reality.

Parashat Vayetzei Quiz

Test your knowledge of this Torah portion.

Separation of Powers

The Torah provides a model for separating religious, judicial, and governing bodies -- to keep power in check.

Lessons for Regional Planning

The biblical "migrash" principle provides a response to urban sprawl.

No Food, No Torah; No Torah, No Food

The curses in Bechukotai were actualized during the Holocaust.