The Perils of Groupthink

The story of the spies offers an object lesson in the importance of diversity -- and the danger of homogeneity.

Known Unknowns

Fearful of what lies ahead, the Israelites wonder if they’d be better off returning to Egypt.

The Sin of the Spies

What exactly did the spies do wrong?

Rerouting Goals

Learning to overcome setbacks, just like the Israelites.

Very, Very Good

We need to develop greater understanding of our role on this planet.

Slowly Healing the World

Like Moses and Caleb, we make progress in fits and starts.

The Blue of the Ocean, the Sky and the Tzitzit

Our relationship with the Divine must also encompass a relationship with the world that surrounds us.

A Focus on the Here and Now

The nostalgic memories we have of the past may seem appealing -- but they require closer inspection.

Fringe Story

A reminder to participate in, and not just observe, the world around us

The Eyes Have It

The commandment of tzitzit (fringes) reminds us to enhance our vision with faith and see new possibilities.