Modern Jewish Social History

Jewish Pioneer Women

Blazing the wagon trail.

Hannah Greenebaum Solomon

Founder of the Jewish Women's Congress and first president of the National Council of Jewish Women.

Jews in the American South

So-called Dixie Jews carved out their own unique culture.

Jews in the Upper Midwest

Jewish settlement in Minnesota and the Dakotas

Judaism Across America

The character of American Jewish communities varied from place to place.

Rebecca Gratz

The woman who created the American-style Hebrew school demonstrated that one could be fully Jewish and fully American.

History of Jewish Schooling in America

Jewish education in America, from colonial times to today

Jews in Suburbia

After World War II, American Jews left the cities for the burgeoning suburbs.

Brandeis University and the Jews

Brandeis rose quickly to academic excellence, but the nature of its Jewish character remains ambiguous.

A Failed Peddler

An immigrant's memoir of trying to jump on the Jewish-peddler bandwagon