land of Israel

Gush Emunim

Settling all the land.

The Challenges of Success

Secular Zionism since 1948

The Religious Significance of Israel

Rabbis Kook and Soloveitchik offered differing views on what the modern state means theologically.

Religion Without State

Yeshayahu Leibowitz believed traditional Judaism has no precedent for a modern Jewish state like Israel.

Yeshayahu Leibowitz

This Israeli philosopher saw problems with both secular and religious Zionism.

We Stand Firm in Our Love of Zion

A Reform declaration of Zionistic belief

My Heart Is in the East

A poem by Judah Halevi.

What About the Land?

Early rabbinic literature does not devote much attention to the uniqueness of the Land of Israel.

Body of Land

In "escstatic" mysticism, the Land of Israel is a metaphor for the human body.

A Demanding Land

With God's promise of the Land to the Israelites came responsibilities and consequences.