Jewish Genetic Screening

God in the Age of Reason

Hermann Cohen and his student, Franz Rosenzweig, stressed the ethical implications of God.

The Kabbalistic Conception of God

The medieval mystics made a distinction between the infinite, unknowable God and God's revealed aspects.

Jewish Conceptions of God in the Middle Ages

An overview of medieval philosophic and kabbalistic approaches to God.

God: A Great Personality

The biblical God is a God we can relate to.

God the Creator

Unlike the creation stories of other Near Eastern cultures, the biblical creation story is not concerned with God's origins.

Modern Jewish Views of God

Modernity raised serious challenges for traditional conceptions of God.

God: Some Feminist Questions

Why female pronouns for God may not be enough.

God’s Phallus

Surprisingly enough, gender-sensitive critiques of the Jewish God can create problems for notions of masculinity.

God Language and Liturgy

Jewish feminists imagine and address God in a multiplicity of ways, both innovative and traditional.

The Experience and Nearness of God

Martin Buber and Abraham Joshua Heschel stressed the human encounter with God.