The Prophet Jeremiah and His Times

Jeremiah is commonly seen as a prophet of gloom, but at times he delivered words of comfort that are second to none in their eloquence.

Haftarah for Parashat Matot

The first haftarah of oppression (for Parashat Matot or Parashat Pinhas), and the haftarah read by Sephardim for Parashat Shemot.

Haftarah for Behar

Jeremiah purchases a field in Anathoth.

Haftarah for Bechukotai

Divine punishment is real.

Haftarah for Tzav

Sacrifices are not enough.

Haftarah for Bo

Jeremiah taunts the Egyptians.

Jeremiah: Prophet of Judgment and of Hope

Jeremiah's tragic message is conveyed by both his prophecies and account of Jerusalem's destruction, but he also gives his people hope.