Jewish Film, 1990-Present

A survey of recent American and International Jewish cinema.

Steven Spielberg

From E.T. to Munich, the boy wonder of the movie industry grows up.

Who Was Molly Picon?

This Yiddish film and theater star had a versatile career and also did humanitarian work.

Keeping the Faith

The 2000 film about a rabbi and priest gets Judaism all wrong.

Crossing Delancey

The movie offers a touching affirmation of Jewish values.

Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof brought the shtetl--along with many memorable characters and unforgettable tunes--to the big screen.

The Jazz Singer

The first "talkie" told the story of a Jewish man seeking his future on Broadway.

Jewish Film in America & Europe

From the days of silent pictures to a recent upsurge in Jewish documentaries, Jewish characters and themes have appeared at an increasing rate in American cinema.

Yiddish Film

Produced in Poland and America, Yiddish film captured the diversity and richness of the Yiddish-speaking world.

The Chosen

Orthodox vs. Hasidic on the Silver Screen