These Hamantaschen Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Some of our readers' most delicious hamantaschen fails.

Hamantaschen, those triangle-shaped cookies traditional for Purim, are notoriously tricky cookies to perfect. It’s not that they don’t taste good, but shaping them into jam-enclosed triangles is much harder than it looks. Some people seal with egg whites, some people fold the corners, and my own trick is to chill the cookies before baking.

But leaking, spilling, and exploding hamantaschen will still occur. It happens to everyone. After all, home baking isn’t exactly The Great British Baking Show.  In honor of your beautiful, delicious baking mishaps, here’s some of our favorite #hamantaschefails. We’ve all been there. Remember that perfect is the enemy of good, and homemade cookies are always delicious, no matter what. So let’s celebrate imperfection together.


This person needed to space their hamantaschen out a little more. Then again, one big giant hamantaschen sounds pretty darn delicious.

And someone here got a little filling happy.


Perfectly imperfect.

Sometimes the hamantaschen taco fold is the way to go.

Not totally sure what is happening with these ones. But I would still eat them all.

Final hamantaschen lesson: dogs cannot properly shape hamantaschen.

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