These Are the Jewish Foods People Are Stocking Up for Coronavirus

And some of them are pretty funny.

By now I assume you are familiar with the seriousness of COVID-19, its spread, and impact in the Jewish community.  People are stocking up toilet paper, paper towels, and hand sanitizer, among other staples and preparing to stay home from school, work and other public events. It’s definitely no laughing matter and we are all taking the spread and severity very seriously.

But we’re probably all in need of a smile right now, and so we threw out this question into the Twitter-verse: What’s the most Jewish item you’ve stocked up on in prep for the virus?

Your responses were hysterical, and in some cases, actually surprising.

There were the obvious answers, i.e., chicken soup.

Some people have some serious Ashkenazi comfort food cravings, and stocked up on schmaltz, chopped liver, kugel, gefilte fish, and whitefish too!

And since it was just Purim, a lot of people were baking up homemade hamantaschen. A LOT. And I respect that.

Far be it for me to acknowledge only the Ashknormative responses. I think I want to be friends with this fine person who is stocking harissa and sausage:

And several people (I assume Israelis) commented ptitim, or Israeli couscous.

I very much appreciated a few non-English answers.

Some people stock up on chardonnay. But Jews, we know the quality wine to keep around.

Don’t forget the seltzer!

The award for the most Jewish food: PRUNES.

And Tums and Lactaid, too.

But I think my absolute favorite response was Passover macaroons. Not for eating, but for the other useful purposes they may serve.

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