The One Trick You Need for the Best Matzah Brei

The most delicious matzah brei is mere minutes away.

Matzah brei is one of those quintessential Jewish dishes that people either love or loathe. Matzah brei is broken up pieces of matzah, sometimes soaked in water and sometimes not, which is mixed up with eggs and fried in a pan with butter or oil. Some people like it sweet, and others like it savory.

This Passover I set out to find the answer to one burning question: What is the secret to the best matzah brei? As the old Jewish joke goes: two Jews, three opinions. And everyone’s method is the best, so they say.

Here’s the best advice I got from matzah brei fans all over the world.

Give it a soak

This is the most contentious step of making matzah brei: Do you soak it in water, or just let it soak in the eggs for a few minutes? Some people soak in water, then drain completely and continue frying. Others break the matzah into pieces, let it sit in the eggs, and then fry it up without the extra step of soaking in water. Either way, the matzah is going to need a few minutes to soak up some liquid, so don’t skip this.

Be patient

Once you pour the egg-matzah mixture into a well-oiled (or buttered) pan, just be patient. Don’t move it around, but rather let it get crisp on the bottom. Resist using that spatula too much!

If you go savory

For the people who like it savory, try cooking some onions low and slow as the first step in butter or oil. You could also add some mushrooms and/or garlic. Once the vegetables have cooked long enough, add your egg-matzah mixture. Serve with salt and pepper. You could also add some turkey bacon or a dollop of sour cream.

If you go sweet

Take a French toast-approach to matzah brei and add vanilla, cinnamon, milk, and a touch of sugar right into the egg mixture. Serve your sweet matzah brei with some combination of maple syrup, berries, powdered sugar, or whipped cream.

Or try sweet and savory

The most delicious advice I received is to fry your matzah brei in schmaltz and then serve with a sweet jam. Now that sounds like the best of all worlds.

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Or try one of these 11 fantastic matzah brei recipes

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