The Nosher’s Top 10 Recipes of 2015

This has been a delicious year, filled with babka, innovative cheesecakes and loads of other sweet treats. You guys really seem to have a thing for the Jewish-inspired desserts, and exotic flavors like Aloo Gobi-Spiced cauliflower latkes, since they were some of our most popular recipes of 2015.

Here’s the top 10 most popular recipes of the year! Which ones did you try?

Rugelach Cheesecake feature1

Rugelach Bread Pudding Cheesecake from Melinda Strauss

My Mother’s Ultimate Chocolate Babka from Bryan Libit

Sephardic Jeweled Rice from Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox

Speculoos Hamantschen from Shannon Sarna

Apple and Honey Pie Pops from Sheri Silver

Brown Sugar Chocolate Babka from Gabi Moskowitz

Coffee Cake Challah from Shannon Sarna

Indian-Spiced Cauliflower Latkes from Samantha Ferraro

Crockpot Beef Barley Mushroom Soup from Liz Rueven

Challah-Wrapped Hot Dogs from Shannon Sarna

challah dogs2

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