PSA: Trader Joe’s Is Selling Our Favorite Israeli Sauce

Falafel lovers will be very excited.

There is so much to be excited about when you eat in Israel, but one of the things my husband and I love the most are the shwarma and falafel joints. Aside from the fluffy pita and laffa, crispy falafel, and perfectly spiced meat, the bright salads and sauces are always a highlight.

One of the most popular toppings for falafel in Israel is amba, a fermented mango sauce that has origins in India, making its way to Israel by way of Iraqi Jews. Amba originated in India, and the word “amba” means mango in Marathi.

So I am very excited to share that Trader Joe’s (my favorite supermarket, no shame) is now carrying their own amba in the refrigerated section. This is hardly the first Israeli product Trader Joe’s boasts — for the past few years they have been adding crucial Israeli ingredients like tahini, harissa, Bamba, and even zhug (a spicy Yemenite sauce) to their list of beloved products.

While the amba may not be quite as authentic as you would find in Israel, it’s certainly a start, and my husband enjoyed it this weekend as a dipping sauce with chicken nuggets (yes, we are so American). Make your own falafel and pita and drizzle amba all over. Or pick up some of Trader Joe’s frozen falafel, packaged pita or wraps, and enjoy the easiest, most Israeli weeknight dinner ASAP.

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