Pastrami Flavor Chips Are Here And We’re Never Going Back to Plain Again

Pairs perfectly with a sandwich, too.

There are dill pickle chips and everything bagel flavored pretzels and popcorn. And there was even, briefly, Reuben flavored potato chips from Lay’s last year.

But Whole Foods apparently wants me to spend even more money in their market, because they have just released three limited-edition sandwich-inspired chips: Cubano chips, Italian hoagie chips and pastrami on rye chips. That’s right — pastrami on rye flavor packed into a tiny, salty snack.

I was skeptical, as any normal person would be. But the chips are highly addictive (or more addictive than just plain ol’ potato chips, which are, let’s be honest, basically a drug) and they really do impart a pastrami flavor. Slightly smoky, a little spicy, and an absolute dream for any Jewish deli lover.

As my fellow deli lover and friend Danielle Feinberg shared via excited text message: “I intended to make fun of this nonsense — the bags say “Limited Edition” [eye roll] — but it turns out these may, in fact, be flavors you never knew you craved.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. But don’t wait, because they are, in fact, limited edition, which means they won’t be around for noshing forever.

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