These Snacks That Taste Like Pickles Are Kind of a Big Dill

Get ready to fall in love with pickle-flavored treats.

Pickles are delicious, so it’s no surprise that pickle-flavored foods are seriously trending. Of course, you could always save your pickle juice and create delicious dishes with the salty, briny deliciousness. But there’s a whole world of pickle-flavored snacks you are going to want to devour if pickles are your thing.

We found pickle-flavored potato chips from Zapp’s and Whole Foods (among many other brands). And they are salty, addictive snacking at its best.

And if you like pickle potato chips, you’ll also love Trader Joe’s pickle-flavored popcorn.

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Pickle-flavored soft serve exists. Yes, NYC’s Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. is serving up pickle soft-serve (and matcha and chocolate dip). I remain skeptical, but intrigued.

Speaking of cool, refreshing pickle treats, how about Bob’s Pickle Pops? (I’m not entirely sold on these, either.) But apparently they are good for replenishing electrolytes post-workout.

But these dill pickle sunflower seeds from Walmart don’t seem too crazy.

When you just need to go classic, lots of stores including Target sell individually wrapped pickles for grab-and-go salty fun.

And my personal favorite is (of course) a pickle-inspired challah flavor. A little more work than grabbing a bag of chips, but totally worth it.

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