All the Everything Bagel Snacks You Need to Try ASAP

The everything but the bagel seasoning craze continues.

If you thought the everything but the bagel craze was simmering down, then you’re off your rocker. 

People can’t get enough of everything bagel seasoned snacks, and there’s no shortage of supply. Trader Joe’s — a Nosher favorite for Jewish food, especially Shabbat dishes — is known for popularizing the seasoning with their Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend, and just recently came out with their latest and greatest everything bagel product: an everything bagel spiced smoked salmon. 

But Trader Joe’s doesn’t hold a monopoly over everything bagel seasoning. There’s a vast array of products on the market available that can fill your everything bagel craving, and we thought it was time to round them up for your convenience. 

Peruse our list of everything bagel seasoned goodies, and while you’re at it, snack on some everything bagel bourekas

1. Snack Factor Pretzel Crips: Everything Deli Style 

These thin, crispy pretzel crackers got the best upgrade ever: everything bagel seasoning, obviously. Dip them in cream cheese, hummus, or avocado!

2. BobbySue’s Nuts: Everything Goes Nuts 

If you’re free of nut allergens, this gourmet nut mix is a must. It’s got almonds, it’s got cashews, it’s got pecans, and they’re all covered in everything bagel seasoning. YUM!

3. Sheffa: Everything Savory Bar

Is Sheffa’s everything bagel bar the most health conscious item on this list? Quite possibly. With 4 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber, this kosher, vegan, gluten-free snack is the perfect food to take on the go. 

4. Pear’s Gourmet: Everything Bagel Flavored Cashews

If BobbySue’s Nuts don’t do it for you, maybe Pear’s Gourmet’s simple cashew snack will. 

5. Graze: New York Everything Bagel 

Subscription snack guru Graze has the perfect everything bagel snack mix: cashews, poppyseed onion sticks, and roasted pumpkin seeds doused in everything bagel seasoning. 

6. Sabra: Everything Hummus Toast 

OMG. This Sabra Breakfast Everything Hummus Toast is incredible. Perfect for breakfast (or a pre-breakfast), this hummus with everything bagel seasoning pairs oh so deliciously with crispy whole grain toast. 

7. Skinny Pop: Everything Bagel Popcorn Mini Cakes


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At last! The home of the healthiest popcorn has finally given us what we wanted: everything bagel popcorn mini cakes. 

8. Lay’s Kettle Cooked Everything Bagel With Cream Cheese Chips

Lay’s is always cooking up some new bizarre chip flavor, but this one takes the crown (in a good way). If you’ve ever been faced with the tough challenge of choosing between an everything bagel and a bag of chips, then worry no more! 

9. Pressels: Baked Pretzel Chips

These kosher, next level pretzel chips make for a nutritious and delicious afternoon snack. Dip ‘em in hummus, or eat them plain — we don’t care! Do what you gotta do. 

10. Stacy’s: Everything Bagel Chips


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Stacy’s products are a cult classic, and their everything bagel chips are no exception. 

11. Sonoma Creamery: Everything Cheddar Cheese Crisp Bar

If you’ve never had one of Sonoma’s crisp bars, the everything cheddar cheese flavor is a good place to start. Gluten-free, these delicious crackers have about 8 grams of protein, which makes them a go-to pick-me-up snack. 

12. Sea Cuisine: Everything Bagel Crusted Cod

This isn’t technically a snack — well, depending on who you ask — but we’d be remiss not to include this delicacy in the ultimate everything bagel seasoning roundup.

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