FREE STUFF: Win Everything You Need to Make Your Own Sufganiyot

Sure, everyone loves whipping up a batch of classic potato latkes for Hanukkah. But do you make your own sufganiyot?

Frying donuts may sound daunting, but it’s easier than you think. And one lucky Nosher read is going to win all the gadgets needed to make expert donuts: a donut cutter, a candy thermometer to check the oil temperature, a spider for removing the donuts from the hot oil, an infuser for adding your custom fillings and a powdered sugar shaker for adding just the right amount on top of those hot donuts.

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Looking for some recipe inspiration? Here are a few of our favorites. And don’t forget to enter below and tell your friends! Deadline to enter is midnight on Sunday, November 22nd.

Classic sufganiyot

Cranberry orange sufganiyot

Peanut butter & jelly sufganiyot

Sufganiyot bites with dark chocolate ganache

Baked chocolate halva donuts

Beer battered pumpkin rings



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