9 Ways to Enjoy Lox at Your Next Brunch

Take your Sunday bagel game to the next level with these dishes.

“There’s too much lox at this brunch” said no one ever. It’s a well-established fact that Sunday brunch is the best meal of the week, and having brunch without lox is a true shanda (scandal). So we wanted to find all the delicious ways you can enjoy lox as part of your weekly Sunday routine. And just in case you are keeping your portions tiny, like really tiny, check out this video from Tiny Kitchen on making bagels and lox.

1. Matzah Brei Eggs Benedicts with Lox

2. Cheddar Chive Waffles with Latkes from Cooking for Keeps

3. Lox and Goat Cheese Quiche

4. Everything Bagel Latkes with Lox

5. Bagel and Lox Breakfast Casserole from Today Food

6. Smoked Salmon Egg-Stuffed Avocados from Fresh Planet Flavor

7. Everything Bagel Pizza with Lox from Foxes Love Lemons

8. Dill and Goat Cheese Scones with Lox from Kveller.com

9. Jewish Deli Strata from Martha Stewart

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