7 Jewish Kitschy Kitchen Items You Need Immediately

From hamantaschen cookie cutter molds to a matzah crumb sweeper.

There are kitchen necessities (a chicken soup stock pot, a food processor for potato kugel, etc.) and then there are those items you don’t need per say, but that bring you joy. We’ve rounded up the best Jewish kitchen kitsch available online that’s sure to put a smile on your face or add a little something to your holiday table. You have our full permission to treat yourself.

Jewish Penicillin Soup Mug/Bowl

When you’re sick, heartbroken or in need of a general pick-me-up, chicken soup (whether with matzah balls, kreplach or fladla) will always help, hence its reputation as Jewish penicillin. This is the perfect receptacle — colorful enough to brighten the darkest of days, large enough (28 oz) to hold a respectable portion, and easy to carry thanks to its handle. Get it on Amazon.

Hamantaschen Cookie Cutter Molds

Mastering Purim’s iconic triangular cookie can be tricky. There’s a whole host of things that can go wrong, from exploding filling to misshapen messes. Say farewell to leaky hamantaschen forever thanks to these handy cookie cutters that ensure perfectly shaped cookies, every time. Get them on Etsy.

Bagel-Handled Spreaders

No Sunday brunch is complete without bagels and a schmear (or three). With hand-painted sesame seed bagels adorning the handles, these stainless steel spreaders are a fun-yet-practical necessity for every table. Get them on Amazon.

Vintage Passover Table Teapot

As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many novelty teapots. This is a real winner: a Passover tablescape complete with candles, a Hagaddah and a mini seder plate — too cute! Get it on Etsy.

Chutzpa Coffee Blend

Chutzpa is a Jew’s secret weapon, but all that sass can take up a lot of energy. Set yourself up for success with this bold blend of 100% Arabica beans, custom-roasted in small batches. Get it on Amazon.

Manichevitz Scented Candle

Not only does this smell amazing — sweet and grape-y like a successful seder or a boozy kiddish — but it is useful in the kitchen, too. Light it up to rid your kitchen of unwanted smells, from latkes frying to gefilte fish boiling. Get it on Etsy.

Matzah Crumb Sweeper

It wouldn’t be Passover without pesky matzah crumbs in every nook and cranny of the house. They’re notoriously tricky to clean up, especially when they’re sprinkled all over the table. Enter: the matzah crumb sweeper, a handy manual device that deftly sweeps away those crumbs. You’ll wonder how you ever lived with it. Get it on Amazon.

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