The Most Essential Kitchen Gadgets for Jewish Cooking

For everything from chicken soup to latkes, we can't live without these useful tools.

There is literally a kitchen gadget for anything you can dream up these days: an avocado slicer, banana protector and even a Star Wars hard-boiled egg shaper. You can’t make this stuff up, people.

But, there are actually a few kitchen tools that are essential for elevating your Jewish cooking: from the golden chicken soup to drool-worthy latkes. Which kitchen gadgets do you love the most? Post in the comments below!

1. Soup Socks for Chicken Soup

Our friend Liz Rueven of Kosher Like Me swears by these soup socks for easy cleanup while making classic chicken soup. Of course you can also use a soup sock for infusing other soups  and stews. The concept is to stick your aromatics like herbs, peppercorns, garic or ginger and place them in the sock. Place the sock into the soup (or stew) and then the flavor of the aromatics will infuse, and you won’t need to go fishing around to remove them at the end of cooking.

2. Splatter Screen for Frying Latkes 

If you do a lot of frying around Hanukkah, you need one of these splatter screens. In fact, I like the set of three splatter guards, because I often keep two pans frying at the same time when making latkes. They are also good for frying sufganiyot (jelly donuts) , schnitzel and event falafel.

3. Crockpot for Cholent

While many people use a crockpot for cholent, a traditional slow-cooked Shabbat stew, a crockpot is an amazing kitchen gadget to have on hand for so many Jewish dishes: brisket, mushroom barley soup, stuffed peppers and even shakshuka. Check out our full list of Jewish foods you can cook in a crockpot.

4. Upright Chicken Roaster

We know you love perfect roast chicken, and we swear by an upright chicken roaster. They are cheap (less than $10!)and will ensure a crispy outside every time since air will circulate all around the chicken throughout cooking.

5. Silicone Baking Mats for Baking Perfect Challah Every

Wondering why your challah gets a little burnt on the bottom? You need to try baking challah on parchment paper, or even better (and more environmentally friendly) a silicone baking mat! These mats are also great for baking cookies.

6. Tongs for Brisket

We like searing our brisket before letting it cook low and slow, and there’s nothing better for flipping than a good sturdy pair of tongs. Kitchen tongs are also amazing for cooking any kind of seared meat, like stew or pot roast or meatballs.

7. Food Processor for Kugel

Whether you are making potato kugel or veggie kugel, you are going to want a food processor for grating all that deliciousness. We also loving using a food processor for shredding potatoes for latkes, hummus even for making chopped liver.

8. Egg Slicer for Chopped Liver

Speaking of chopped liver, you are going to want a good egg slicer for your chopped liver (and maybe for your egg salad too).

9. Soda Stream

Jews love seltzer! Make your own soda water with the handy dandy Soda Stream and then use it to whip up some classic chocolate egg creams. Not to mention, Soda Stream is actually an Israeli company!

10. Shmattes for wiping up, well, everything. 

Sure, any kitchen towel will do. But we especially love a good, kitschy hand towel like these ones from Etsy.

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