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27 Jewish Cheese Recipes Worth the Stomach Ache 

From savory to sweet.

Delicate Jewish stomachs vs. dairy is an age-old struggle we’re sure many of you are familiar with. A struggle that rears its ugly head around Shavuot, a holiday when it’s traditional to feast on dairy foods and Jews are forced to choose between cheesecake and a night in the bathroom. 

If you opt for the former (or have a stash of Lactaid on hand), we’ve rounded up 27 creamy, melty, rich Jewish cheese recipes worth a stomach ache. Dig in. 


  1. Easy Cheddar Cheese Coins
cheddar cheese coins recipe
Photo credit Sonya Sanford

Bake up these easy, cheesy crackers for a retro appetizer or an umami twist on Hanukkah gelt.

  1. The Flakiest Cheese and Spinach Bulemas
bulemas pastry recipe sephardic
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These Sephardic pastries are crispy, flaky, cheesy heaven.

  1. Matzah Mac & Cheese
matzah Mac and cheese recipe passover main jewish
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Don’t let the matzah put you off; this recipe is good enough to eat year-round.

  1. Pull-Apart Guava and Cheese Challah

Bring a taste of Cuba to your Shabbat table with these pillowy pockets of challah stuffed with sweet-as-candy guava paste and velvety cream cheese.

  1. Khachapuri
khatchapuri Georgian cheese boats recipe easy dinner Shavuot
Photo credit Shannon Sarna

These Georgian cheese boats are pure comfort food – even if you’ve never tried them before.

  1. Noodles and Cottage Cheese
easy noodles and cream cheese recipe jewish dinner Shavuot
Photo credit Sonya Sanford

Speaking of simple comfort food, this Ashkenazi classic tastes like home.

  1. Greek Phyllo Pastries with Feta and Honey
savory hamantaschen recipe purim appetiser jewish phyllo recipe
Photo credit Sonya Sanford

These golden, savory-sweet pastries are perfect to wow a crowd.

  1. Spinach and Kashkaval Cheese Bourekas
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These coiled “ropes” of dough stuffed with salty cheese and greens are our summer dinner of choice.

  1. Mac & Cheese Noodle Kugel
savory kugel recipe Mac and cheese jewish
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Noodle kugel like you’ve never experienced it before.

  1. Roasted Tomato and Labneh Pappardelle 
Photo credit Dan Perez

Italy meets the Middle East in this sunny pasta dish garnished with fresh za’atar.

  1. Pizza Bourekas
easy pizza bourekas recipe weeknight dinner Israeli
Photo credit Shannon Sarna

These indulgent, travel-sized treats come together in 30 minutes and are guaranteed to become a family favorite.

  1. Cheesy Pull-Apart Garlic Bread Babka
savory babka recipe jewish cheese
Photo credit Shannon Sarna

If you still need persuading we can’t help you.

  1. Broccoli and Cottage Cheese Pancakes
broccoli cheese pancakes
Photo credit Dan Perez

These “levivot” (Israeli savory pancakes) have stood the test of time for good reason – but no low-fat cottage cheese allowed. 

  1. Pesto and Gruyere Stuffed Challah
stuffed challah recipe cheese pesto shabbat
Photo credit Shannon Sarna

A deliciously unique challah experience. 

  1. Israeli Cous Cous Mac & Cheese
cous cous Mac and cheese
Photo credit Shannon Sarna

You might not think that subbing ptitim (aka Israeli cous cous) for macaroni would make a big difference to this iconic dish… but prepare for your mind to be blown.

  1. Cheese and Herb Rugelach
savoury rugelach cheese and herb cookies Italian jewish
Photo credit Samantha Ferraro

A sophisticated appetizer that may well turn into a whole meal because they’re that good.

  1. Everything Bagel Bourekas
everything but the bagel bourekas
Photo credit Chaya Rapaport

Store-bought staples sing in this delicious bourekas recipe that’ll have everyone clamoring for more.

  1. Zucchini, Manchego and Potato Pashtida 
pashtida recipe easy Israeli quiche
Photo credit LeAnn Shor

If you feel “meh” about quiche, this creamy, versatile Israeli pashtida will convert you to the quiche club.

  1. Cheesy Stuffed Latkes
cheese filled latkes recipe Hanukkah jewish
Photo credit Sonya Sanford

The cheese pull of your dreams.

  1. The Best Ever Cheese Sambusak
cheese sambusak pastry jewish break fast
Photo credit Joanna Nissim

“These are by far the BEST sambusaks ever. I’ve tried so many recipes and none come even close to this one. The dough is airy and light not crumbling.” – Mushky, 5 stars. 


21. How to Make Cheese Blintzes

cheese blintzes recipe jewish Shavuot dessert
Photo credit Aly Miller

These sweet cheese blintzes with blueberry compote will be the star of your next brunch party.

22. Labneh Ice Cream with Halva

labneh ice cream recipe summer dessert
Photo credit Shannon Sarna

Think of this as the best frozen yogurt ever. Top with tahini, silan (date honey) and crumbled halvah for the bite of your life.

23. Israeli Cheesecake

israeli cheesecake recipe easy no-bake dessert Shavuot
Photo credit Kate Sears

This simple, buttery cheesecake can be made in advance and frozen for up to three months – so you can sneak a slice whenever the craving hits. 

24. Lemon-Poppy Cream Cheese Babka

lemon poppy seed babka recipe sourdough jewish
Photo credit Johnathan Meter

We won’t lie: This babka is a bit of work, but the result is totally worth it. Bookmark this for your next baking project.

25. Rugelach Bread Pudding Cheesecake

It’s giving chocolate rugelach, it’s giving cheesecake, it’s giving bread pudding, it’s giving heaven.

26. Bessarabian Cheese Buns

Photo credit Talia Siegel

The flavors of sweet noodle kugel wrapped in a brioche-like dough, served with a dollop of sour cream and sliced strawberries.

27. Labneh and Fig Tart with an Olive Oil Crust

Photo credit Chaya Rappoport

Hello, gorgeous.

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