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Tree of Hope: Anne Frank’s Father Shares His Wisdom With An American Teen and the World

In honor of what would have been Anne Frank’s 94th Birthday, hear from the author of Tree of Hope. A book that chronicles Cara Wilson-Granat’s extraordinary twenty-year friendship with Otto Frank, father of Anne Frank (The Diary of Anne Frank). Set against the backdrop of the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, as a young girl, Cara began conversations with Otto through letters reflecting her chaotic teenage years and the violence in America during those decades. He validated her need to be heard and respected; he became her mentor, her wise “grandfather,” as he was for many others worldwide. He truly lived his message. His responses helped her realize what is truly important. Cara’s correspondence with Otto culminated in a memorable meeting shortly before his death, the impact of which continues to influence her life even today.

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