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The Jewish Community of Lebanon: Erasure and Memories

Hosted By: Qesher

The Lebanese Jewish Community reaches back to Biblical times, but hardly has any remaining presence today. A complex mosaic of more than 20 religious denominations, Lebanon was a prosperous and tolerant society. However, after the Six-day war, fault lines started to appear, triggering the first major wave of Jewish migration. In 1975, the rest of the Jews had to escape a war-ravaged country. The speaker will draw on her own family history, memories plus historical books. Furthermore, as a visual artist, she  will also be presenting some of her photo-text series which often focus on the experience of war and displacement and the undeniable attachment to her birthplace, Beirut.

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There are Jewish communities all around the globe with their own unique history, culture, places, and most of all, people and stories. All of them different, but sharing so much. The aim of Qesher is to connect these different Jewish traditions, not just to know of each other, but to learn about each other. We believe that there is great value in creating a deeper understanding within the Jewish world and exploring Jewish experiences and identities in all their diversity.
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