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Shua Kisilevitz

Shua Kisilevitz  studied archaeology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (B.A., M.A.), and is currently a PhD candidate and adjunct lecturer at the Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University and an archaeologist in the Jerusalem Region of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Shua was co-director of the 2012-2013 salvage excavations at Tel Motza, during which the temple was identified, and initiated the Tel Motẓa Expedition Project together with professor Oded Lipschits in 2019, on behalf of Tel Aviv University. Her work on the Motẓa temples in recent years has led her to focus primarily on the study of iconography and the development of cult/religion in the region of Judah during the Iron Age, with particular interest in their correlation with industry/economy and the rise of structured social and political communities and elites in the southern Levant during this period.