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Dr. Claris Harbon

Dr. Claris Harbon is an Arab-Jew/Mizrahi feminist and a human and social-economic rights lawyer and scholar, originally from Israel. She holds a doctorate in law from McGill University, and two LLM degrees from Yale Law School and Tel Aviv University Law Faculty. The socio-legal status of Mizrahis in modern Israel has been at the center of her work both academically and practically. Her work focuses primarily on Israeli land law, tracing the discriminatory impact of its Eurocentric foundations on Mizrahis in Israel, with special regard to public housing policy. Her work with Mizrahi women squatters, now forthcoming as a book (2020), is one of the very first interventions in the study of Israeli law that redefines legal categories from a Mizrahi vantage point, showing for the first time the interrelationship between Israeli law and the construction of Mizrahi, particularly women’s, socio-legal inferiority. She was one of the first clinical legal professors, let alone Mizrahi, engaged in community organizing and experiential education. She founded and was involved in several anti-racist feminist NGOs and developed an innovative model for working with racialized minorities of the “Global South,” mostly women of color, such as Palestinians, Mizrahis, Ethiopians, undocumented immigrants, and children. She is also a published poet with a children’s book coming out soon.

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