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Refa Na: Grief, Trauma and Healing

Hosted By: Applied Jewish Spirituality

The journey of life inevitably brings each of us face-to-face with loss, grief and suffering. The experience of pain is both profoundly personal and universal. In this course, we will turn to the spiritual reservoirs of the Jewish tradition to help guide us through the territories of trauma and loss, and to light a path toward possibilities for healing.

Drawing from the teachings of Torah, the Rabbinic, Hassidic and Kabbalistic traditions, and informed by contemporary wisdom on psychological and emotional healing, this course contextualizes our own suffering within the larger body of our spiritual lineage. Through these teachings and accompanying practices, we will seek to find spiritual anchoring amidst experiences of upheaval, and points of connection despite – or perhaps even through – feelings of disorientation and disconnect. This process will receive the additional support of a collective circle of fellow travelers.

The course will explore topics such as the experience of suffering within a spiritual framework; the (im)possibility of Divine relationship in the face of deep suffering; the necessity of giving space for grief and grievances; connecting with life in the aftermath of loss; practices for cultivating spiritual resilience; and the possibility of post-traumatic growth.

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