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Omer Workshop: Taking Account

Hosted By: Nourishing The Soul

Nourishing the Soul hosts an Omer series every Tuesday. The first one, on May 7, is titled, Taking Account: How am I doing? “Using this time following Passover for a Soul Check-in.”

Subsequent workshops are:

May 14—Recounting: How I Tell My Story. “How can counting the days between Egypt and Sinai inform what  is important to me Jewishly. What I choose to embrace or distance myself from.”

May 21—Encounters: How I Hear Others’ Stories. “How can exploring each of  the days between Egypt and Sinai  inform how I encounter and respond to others?”

May 28—Accountability: How I Show Up. “How can counting the days moving from  Egypt and Sinai inform my responsibility for my own choices?”


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Tracie Bernstein

Tracie Bernstein is founder and director of NTS Workshops. For 30 years, Tracie has worked in the US and Israel to help people access meaningful Jewish experience. Her NTS Virtual Workshops provide adults Jewish spiritual conversation in a context relevant to our lives .In an open and inclusive environment, we weave together the wisdom of our sages, our modern teachers and each other.
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Nourishing The Soul

Nourishing the Soul Workshops are designed to engage individuals and couples in deep conversation that connects our actions, relationships and everyday reality to the richness and diversity of Jewish thought and tradition. Drawing on the breadth of Jewish sources, along with the experience of attendees, NTS Workshops offer an environment in which to hone our understanding of ourselves, and how we might utilize our People’s wisdom toward a stronger connection with our loved ones and with holiness.
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