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Jews on the Silver Screen Session 4 — Exposing and Healing the Ills of Society

Hosted By: Orange County Community Scholar Program (CSP)

Over eight weeks, the Community Scholar Program will delve into the tapestry of Jewish representation, both overt and subtle, in Hollywood’s history. From the pioneering Jewish visionaries who shaped global cinema to the enduring fascination with biblical narratives and the layers they hold, they will uncover the intersections of culture and storytelling. They also confront and deconstruct stereotypes through the lens of Jewish gangsters and explore how cinema has exposed and healed societal ills. As they transition to adaptations of literature and the works of renowned directors like Steven Spielberg, they question the Jewish elements that lie beneath the surface. At the end of the series, they’ll spotlight the roles of Jewish women in the industry and explore both the visible and invisible aspects of Jewishness in film, from unspoken identities to bold declarations. Exposing and Healing the Ills of Society

I. Gentlemen’s Agreement: How Jewish is too Jewish?

II. The Last Angry Man: The Challenge of Being Principled

III. School Ties: David Green and Elite Society

IV. Erik Lehnsherr (aka Magneto) and the Imperfectability of Humanity

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