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Injustice Illuminated: The Holocaust Art of Arthur Szyk

Hosted By: The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning

In 1940, the Polish-Jewish artist Arthur Szyk — best known for his illustrated Haggadah — left Europe for the United States, intending to ignite American support for the war against Hitler. From New York, he worked as a self-appointed “soldier in art,” producing thousands of anti-Axis works designed for mass reproduction in United States newspapers, magazines, and more. Years before the world knew the full horrors of the Holocaust, Szyk publicly denounced Germany’s anti-Semitism and Nazi brutality, advocating tirelessly for the rescue of European Jewry from persecution, slavery, and death. His resonant artwork provides a unique Jewish perspective on the people, policies, and world events surrounding the Shoah. This presentation on Yom HaShoah by world renowned Szyk scholar, Rabbi Irvin Ungar, will be dedicated to the hallowed memory of Europe’s martyred Jews and in honor of the survivors among us.

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