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In the the Lands of Sultans, Kings, and Pharaohs: The Jewish Odyssey in Three Islamic Realms: Part 2 – Life in the Atlas Kingdom

Hosted By: Orange County Community Scholar Program (CSP)

Venture into the vibrant landscape of Morocco and a rarely told narrative of Jewish history – one where Jews were indigenous, living in concert with the Amazigh (also known as Berber) population, centuries before Islam touched the North African shore. This installment takes you on a journey through the intricate chronicles of Jewish existence under the enduring Moroccan Monarchy. Unearth the trials, triumphs, and transformations of this vibrant Jewish community under the rule of Berber and Arab monarchs. This session illuminates the remarkable resilience and adaptation of Moroccan Jews to their evolving environment. It investigates their changing relationships with their homeland, their non-Jewish Moroccan neighbors, and their monarch. From epochs of tranquility and cooperation to times of tension, explore how this community not only survived but thrived. Delve into the rich tapestry of cultural fusion, exploring how Moroccan Jews have influenced, and been influenced by, Amazigh, Arab, and Islamic traditions. The narrative of Moroccan Jews stands as an extraordinary testament to adaptation, resilience, and cultural symbiosis.

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