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From Redemption to Responsibility: Spiritual Introspection During the Omer

Hosted By: My Jewish Learning

My Jewish Learning offers a new class on spiritual introspection during the Omer, a period between Passover and Shavuot. The course will explore the middot, or character traits, such as generosity, responsibility, and humility, using methods like meditation, text study, and journaling, and will also cover compassion, gratitude, and chesed. Drawing on Torah, rabbinic, and Mussar texts, the class aims to integrate these traits into daily life.


Abby Eisenberg

Abby Eisenberg is community educator and lifecycle officiant based in NYC. She is the founder and lead educator of Judaics Tutoring NYC, through which she and her team of educators teach learners around the globe who wish to connect to Jewish learning and living in ways that most resonate with them. Abby currently teaches adults at the JCC Manhattan, 92NY, Center for Conversion to Judaism, My Jewish Learning, the Wexner Field Fellowship. She holds a BA in history from Yeshiva University, an MA in Judaic studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary and private rabbinic ordination. When Abby is not teaching and learning, she is hiking or rock scrambling. You can learn more about Abby at www.explorejewish.com
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