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Dreaming and Drawing: A Conversation with New Yorker Cartoonists Liana Finck and David Sipress

Hosted By: The New York Jewish Week

Two amazing storytellers, Liana Finck and David Sipress, join Sandee Brawarsky and Andrew Silow-Carroll to discuss their art, humor and drawing upon their own lives — and their new books: Finck’s graphic novel Let There Be Light: The Real Story of Her Creation and Sipress’s What’s So Funny: A Cartoonist’s Memoir.

Liana Finck is a regular contributor to The New Yorker, The Awl and Catapult. She is the author of “A Bintel Brief,” “Passing for Human” and “Excuse Me” in addition to her latest, “Let There Be Light.”

David Sipress has been a staff cartoonist since 1998 for The New Yorker, where he has published nearly 700 cartoons. He lectures widely on cartooning. “What’s So Funny” is his first book.

Sandee Brawarsky is an award-winning journalist, editor and author. Her most recent book is “212 Views of Central Park.” She was the longtime culture editor of The Jewish Week.

Andrew Silow-Caroll is editor in chief of The New York Jewish Week and senior editor of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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