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Connecting Jewish Identity with Jewish Values with Donniel Hartman and Sarah Breger

Hosted By: Moment Magazine

In his new book, “Who Are the Jews—And Who Can We Become,” Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman, president of the Shalom Hartman Institute, argues that two very different strands run through Jewish life: “Genesis Judaism,” which defines Jewishness as belonging to a group, and “Exodus Judaism,” which grounds Jewish identity in a system of commandments and values. Both strands, Hartman argues, are necessary for a rich and healthy communal life. Are these two types of Jewish identity pulling in opposite directions today? Are there issues, such as Israel-Palestine, where they feel incompatible? Who are Jews today, and who do we want to be? This will be a wide-ranging conversation with Hartman and Moment Editor Sarah Breger.

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