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Who Wrote This Text?

Can you match the canonical Jewish texts with their authors?

Do you know who wrote these ancient and medieval Jewish texts? From the Song of Songs to the Guide for the Perplexed see if you can name the author.

Question 1 of 8
Who wrote the Guide for the Perplexed?
Question 2 of 8
Who wrote a commentary on the Talmud?
Question 3 of 8
Acording to the text, who wrote the Song of Songs?
Question 4 of 8
The Book of Lamentations (Eicha) is traditionally attributed to which prophet?
Question 5 of 8
Who wrote the Shulhan Arukh?
Question 6 of 8
There are psalms attributed to which of the following people?
Question 7 of 8
According to Jewish legend, who wrote the Unetaneh Tokef prayer?
Question 8 of 8
Who redacted the mishnah?

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