Myth or Fact Quiz

Can you tell Jewish truth from fiction?

There are lots of myths out there about Judaism. Can you tell truth from fiction?

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All Jewish women wear wigs.
Question 2 of 9
Jews celebrate the birthday of the trees.
Question 3 of 9
Jews have sex through a hole in the sheet.
Question 4 of 9
Matzah is made out of gentile blood.
Question 5 of 9
Hanukkah is the Jewish Christmas.
Question 6 of 9
Jews have horns.
Question 7 of 9
Jews buy firstborn baby boys from Jewish priests thirty days after they are born.
Question 8 of 9
Jews with tattoos can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery.
Question 9 of 9
There's a holiday when Jews are commanded to get drunk.

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