Our Funders

Edgar M. Bronfman, of blessed memory, realized early on that people with Jewish questions would increasingly turn to their computer well before calling a rabbi or pulling a book off the shelf. Drawing on the entrepreneurial spirit he displayed as CEO of Seagram Ltd. and his later-in-life commitment to Jewish learning, he responded to this new reality by spearheading the creation of My Jewish Learning in 2002. Through the continued generous support of The Samuel Bronfman Foundation, Edgar’s vision has been validated and realized as My Jewish Learning has become the leading pluralistic website of Jewish information and education, empowering users to navigate Jewish life with confidence and creativity.

Thanks to the generous support of the William Davidson Foundation we have been able to vastly expand and enhance My Jewish Learning’s content offerings and digital capabilities. This transformation is a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit of William Davidson, of blessed memory, and a tribute to his dedication to Jewish education. The investment in My Jewish Learning is ensuring that we are capable of meeting the evolving needs of those looking to deepen their Jewish knowledge and explore the role of Jewish identity in their lives and the lives of their families.

We are proud to carry on the legacies of these two visionary businessmen-philanthropists and deeply grateful for the generous support provided by their foundations.

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