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Tips To Get Through Finals

Finals can be a tough and stressful time, but with a bit of help, you can get through them more easily. Here are a few tips to prepare, support yourself mentally, or pass a difficult class.

Stuff You Can Do to Prepare

  • Create a to-do list, sometimes getting started with studying is the hardest part (creating a to-do list helps your brain break it up into steps)
  • Make notecards with the important information so you can quiz yourself 
  • Color code your notes. Who doesn’t love color coding?!?
  • Create an outline for any essays you have to write 
  • Review your notes (and your friends’ notes)
  • Go over whatever the teacher provides (they know what they want you to learn and they know what they are putting on the test)
  • Tackle the topics you don’t understand first

Stuff You Can do to Maintain Your Mental Health 

  • Schedule breaks (take a few minutes to focus on something else – even if it’s just another topic or class)
  • Set goals and rewards for yourself (you deserve it!)
  • Snacks (especially protein and water)
  • Move your body (take a walk, do some jumping jacks)
  • Get outside (a breath of fresh air does wonders for your brain)
  • Sleep the amount that works for you
  • Keep the stakes in perspective (one test does not define your life)

Stuff You Can Do If You’re Struggling in a Class

  • Talk to your teacher (they are usually happy to help if you reach out to them and are impressed that you took initiative to ask for help)
  • Ask for help with study tools from your teacher or other students in the class
  • Look into tutoring
  • Create an online study guide with your friends (Khan Academy, Quizlet, Crash Course)
  • Talk to someone (parent, friend, pet, etc.) about what you’re feeling 
  • Consider trying therapy if anxiety is getting the best of you

Remember that grades don’t define you. If you get a grade you don’t like, you can always talk to a teacher about extra credit and tools to use to improve in the future. There is always a cushion and support if you need it!

You’ve got this and HereNow is here with additional mental health tools should you need it!

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