The Foundations of Building

Technology has revolutionized our lives in every era of history. But what do we lose when technological solutions in the present replace face-to-face relationships? Using both personal and historical perspectives, Ira Mitzner argues for putting technology aside for the sake of collaboration, planting roots, and in-person relationship building. The value of these soft skills, Mitzner argues allowed his father, a Holocaust survivor from Warsaw, Poland, to become a successful real estate developer. Building solid foundations for our relationships and communities can bring us into skyscraper-high success.

Ira Mitzner is President of Rida Development Corporation, a national and international commercial real estate investment and development firm based in Houston, Texas. Mitzner sits on the board of directors of Yeshiva University, is a member of the executive board of the American Society for Yad Vashem, and the board of directors of State of Israel Bonds. In Houston, Mitzner is immediate past President of The Robert M. Beren Academy. Previously, he was President of United Orthodox Synagogues, co-chaired of The Houston Division of Israel Bonds, President of the Houston Kashrut Association, and a board member of the Houston Holocaust Museum.

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