Reigniting the Soul of Philanthropy

Are we in danger of losing the soul of philanthropy? In this talk, Yael Simon argues that charity is a God given dynamic that connects us to one another and binds us as a community. In this talk, Yael Simon explores three elements to giving. When we balance these elements with the responsibility of giving, she asserts, we make philanthropy a meaningful experience.

Yael Simon specializes as an innovative funding strategist for both corporates and non-profits to drive ‘smart expansion’ and serves as a valued and trusted advisor to many philanthropic families and foundations. As a highly results-orientated professional, she offers more than 17 years of experience in various sectors and has been successful at establishing, developing and maintaining key partnerships with corporate decision makers and stakeholders. By utilizing her exceptional communication skills combined with thorough research, critical analysis and lateral thinking to complex issues, Yael has been able to inspire client confidence and foster growth at all levels. She is the director of Dallal Consulting Ltd and is a sought-after speaker and writer, in addition to holding an LLM in International Business Law.

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