Eternal Tables: The World to Come

Award-winning educator, Beth Huppin, stumbled once on a text about coffins made of tables. She has spent years trying to understand what this text tells us about the world to come, but, more importantly, what it tells us about this world. Join her as she shares her poignant learning with all of us. Sponsored by the Covenant Foundation.

Beth Huppin has enjoyed teaching children and adults of all ages in both formal and informal Jewish educational settings for many years. She currently works at Jewish Family Service (JFS) of Seattle ( as the Director of Project Kavod, a Jewish educational program that focuses on the Jewish texts and values that inspire and guide the work of JFS. She also teaches at Congregation Beth Shalom in Seattle. Beth is the recipient of a 2010 Covenant Award for excellence in Jewish education. She was raised in Spokane, Washington, a small but vibrant Jewish community that provided her the gift of many opportunities for meaningful table connections.

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