Embodying Wholeness: Integration Through Ritual

What happens in our brains when we light Shabbos candles, eat a piece of matzah, or shake the lulav? Using her unique perspective as a psychologist and rabbi, Rabbi Arielle Hanien explores the resonance of Jewish ritual wisdom with cutting edge neuroscience research, arguing that the ancient psychological insight of Jewish rituals offer a unique path to mental health and wholeness through an integration of senses, memory, intellect, and emotion.

Rabbi Arielle Hanien is an award-winning writer, a nationally recognized educator, and an inspiring organizational leader. Recognized for her scholarship in both ancient and contemporary Jewish thought, she consults on local, national, and international projects in Jewish life, learning, and institutional development. As a teacher, spiritual counselor, and organizational consultant, Rabbi Hanien is acclaimed for "making ancient Jewish tradition amazingly relevant and meaningful" for all ages. A certified Somatic Experiencing® practitioner (SEP), a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology, and a teacher Integrated Somatic Psychology, Rabbi Arielle integrates therapeutic expertise as well as rabbinic scholarship in her work with clients. She brings these therapeutic tools to her work with both individual and organizational clients--from non-profit boards to community-wide collaborations. Co-founder and Director of the Neshama Center, which brings Jewish wisdom, ritual, and spiritual practice to support integrative, embodied healing, Rabbi Arielle is also a Research Scholar at the Pardes Center for Judaism & Conflict Resolution in Jerusalem. Her doctoral research at Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary explores resources within Jewish tradition for individual and collective healing, resilience, and conflict resolution. Rabbi Arielle was ordained at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies and holds degrees with honors in Philosophy, Sociology, and Physical Science from Brandeis University.

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