Contemporary Israel: A Language of People and Sounds

Contemporary Israel is dynamic, and full of a diversity of music and culture. Musician and educator Udi Krauss argues that Israel education in America must reflect the dynamic lives of Israelis. Drawing on the use of music in his own education programs, Krauss discusses the power of music to connect people across language barriers in the shared language of feeling. Music, Krauss asserts, can facilitate lasting connections between diaspora Jews and Israelis.

Udi Krauss is a graduate of the Rimon School of Music with a degree in composition, arrangement, and music production. He is a drummer, percussionist, guitarist and vocalist for a variety of top Israeli artists, including: Miri Mesika, Keren Peles, Itay Pearl, David Broza, Aya Korem, Dana Berger, Efrat Gosh, Eric Berman, and many more. Krauss is currently touring with a group called Electric Desert. He is also an experienced Israel educator, having led over 50 Birthright Israel and teen trips over the years.

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