Between Unity and Uniformity: The Many Lenses of Israel Education

Dr. Zohar Raviv argues that there are five separate landscapes of Israel: The dream of the land before the people of Israel enter it; Upon the entrance of the people to the land – a land that has a role in the covenant between Israel an God; After the expulsion – a collective memory; The modern Jewish state that we know today and lastly the vision that we have for the land. In this talk we are encouraged to revisit our premises in regard to education on Israel and to promote unity of values but not uniformity of practice.

Dr. Zohar Raviv is an internationally recognized educator of Judaism who serves as the International VP of Education for Taglit-Birthright Israel. Prior to assuming his current position, Raviv served as Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies at Oberlin College (Ohio) and as the Hebrew University Florence Melton Scholar to North America. Raviv is a graduate of Bar-Ilan University (B.A, Land of Israel Studies), Brandeis University (joint M.A, Judaic Studies and Jewish Education), and received his PhD in Jewish Thought from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).

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