Jewish History

Jewish Educational Trends

Jewish education evolves on a daily basis, from day school to summer camp to tot-Shabbat.

The Next Wave of Jewish Feminism

Questions for an Unfinished Revolution

What Hasidic Jews Believe

Though Hasidism is not a homogenous philosophy, there are certain ideas common to its many subgroups.

Jewish History Themes 101

An overview of some of the issues and controversy involved in writing and interpreting Jewish history.

Palestinian-Israeli Relations

The ongoing struggle and the Middle East peace process.

Glueckel of Hameln

A unique Jewish woman.

The First Intifada

The content and consequences of the 1987 Palestinian uprising.

Intermarriage: Jewish Attitudes

A recent survey finds that a growing number of American Jews accept intermarriage.

Jewish Philanthropy

What are the tough questions Jewish philanthropists must ask themselves? And what should the Jewish community ask of them?

The Lives of Interfaith Families

Recent research on the formation of religious identity in interfaith families.

Jewish Outreach

A 2001 study conducted by the Jewish Outreach Institute evaluates the efficacy of outreach programs.

Jewish Continuity

Is the Jewish people disappearing?